Looking for a dependable option to fund your startup business? Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is the answer.

Not all companies benefit from crowdfunding but admittedly, many startup businesses do. In fact, tons of growing companies already had successful ICOs in the past several years. This type of crowd sale allows the company to raise funds quickly while minimizing potential risks.

While an ICO is considered a quick funding process, its development is actually a complex and very elaborate task – this is where Inovect Solutions come to play.

Inovect Solutions provides you a complete step-by-step system to design and implement an ICO. Composed of a team of industry experts, Inovect can efficiently commence your crowdfunding from scratch – from planning to creating your unique ERC20/ERC23 token, to devising and implementing the whitepaper, and even beyond the actual public token sale. The team’s technical expertise on cryptocurrency and blockchain-based systems allows the creation of an ICO that delivers value to its members and contributors.