Inovect Premium MLM Solutions

World’s Best MLM and Direct Selling Software

Inovect MLM and Direct Selling Software uses the proprietary latest state of the art engine and is the best Software available to empower your Leverage Marketing Company. Inovect MLM and Direct Selling software that empowers you to run your company 24x7x365 without relying on webmasters, designers or techinicians.

Inovect system manages every function of your business more effectively. Inovect software ties key business operations together, including: distributor management, commissions, inventory management, marketing, sales, order entry, shipping and receiving – Inovect MLM and Direct Selling Software is a powerful ecommerce platform that will transform your business opportunity into a productive and profitable powerhouse.


More than just countries & currencies. On a Country basis you can set products, enrollment options, pricing, designs from a central location

Compensation Plan

Binary, Uni-level, Stair Step, Hybrid and Customize Plan. In 16 years in the business we have programmed hundreds of compensation plan all over the world.

Replicated Websites

Every Distributor receives their own replicated website from a range of designs youdefine as well as their own editable support page.

Distributor Back Office

Today’s distributor demands data related to their business is real time. Your distributor have access to real time data, commission histories and marketing tools


Inovect Solutions Software give you the best genealogies provide the information thatthe fields need most. You determine what information is displayed in the downlinegenealogies

Shopping Cart

From category Management through sales to the point and click management ofproducts and SKU’s (stock keeping units) by administrators, Inovect has it all


If you need it, we got it. First Order, Retail sales, Fast Start, Matching, Infinity,Generational, Customer Acquisition, Bonus Pools and many more…


You are in complete control of what member must purchase at the time of enrollment,optionally purchase and what data they are required to provide.


Run, close and pay commission at your pace. View all commissions and bonusdetails aswell as who has earned them and how they were earned.

Admin Panel & Report System

We offer a customized administrative reports to help satisfy your need for data. Allreports are exportable to different formats


Auto Ship is a key to generating recurring revenue for your company and mo. Etc.)

Communication Tools

Inovect Solutions Software comes complete with Newsletter, News, Calendar, Event andFAQ systems. You can edit all of the notifications directly from the application.

XML Web Service API’s

Do you need to integrate with a 3rd party company, warehouse or product fulfillmentcenter? Inovect XML Web Services have got you covered.

Security Management

As a PCI software application, security is our top concern. Inovect Utilizes NSA levelencryption, CAPTCHA security, IP blocking, account locking and many more.

Company Management

Manage company contacts, mail merge variable, update the company logo, address,email, set registration requirements, edit cart settings, tax integration settings andmore.

Payment Management

Integrated to more than 100 credit cards and other payment system with the 20 ACHgateways with gateway rotations.

Support Management

Every organization small or large, must support its customers and distributors. Inovectincludes a wealth of support management tools.

User Management

Search, add, edit and delete from one screen; add notes, change sponsorship, vieworder history, adjust commissions, add trouble tickets, update information and manymore.

Merchandise & Inventory

Manage warehouses, receive and review inventory quantities, add/edit products,pricing, commission values, upload multiple images, set permissions and more.

Orders Management

The online order entry system allows you to manage existing orders and create newones. Locate customers, add orders, enter payments, select shipping and many more.

Shipping Management

Pre-Integrated with your local courier and with International Courier with FEDEX, UPS,TNT, DHL and many more…